Ace Beach Racket

Ace Beach Racket

45,00 €

Our Ace Beach Racket is handcrafted in Greece out of pressed Swedish wood and Marine plywood and finished by hand. It is fitted with our own Air Pocket Anti-Vibration System and it comes out in two weight models; the 360 and the 390.

The Ace Beach Racket comes with its own Ace Canvas Bag, One ITF Approved Tennis Ball and a Pro Overgrip.

If you choose the 360 model you’d be choosing a racket suited to an attacking style of play and seasoned players. The 390 best suits a defensive game and beginners.

Select the Yellow Ball for a faster more competitive game or the Orange Ball for a more technical, slower paced game. It’s up to you!

In case of a mishap don’t be afraid to call us on our two-year warranty!