The Peacock | Limited Edition

The Peacock | Limited Edition

55,00 €

The idea of producing a unique Limited Edition product, not necessarily a beach racket arose from the burning desire of the team to fulfill a long standing vision; that of collaborating with true artists and providing them with a platform to work on.

Xambis, who is actually the nom de guerre of architect and artist Charalambos Proestos was a no brainer for us, for our first collaboration.

Every bit of The Peacock is manifestation of meraki.*

From the handmade process of shaping and putting together marine plywood into beautiful wooden paddles, the designing of the pattern to print, the silk-screening of every racket individually one-by-one, to the wrapping of the grip, everything is made to perfection by hand.

The Peacock comes both in a 360 and a 390 configurations, the numbers corresponding to the weight of the racket, the 360 best suited for an attacking style of play and seasoned players, and the 390 best suited for a defensive style of play and beginners. The choice is yours.

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