Our story

We are what one would call a startup.
We have no "regular business hours". We hire from the
general to the specific. We wear many hats, because we have to.
Our "office" , is a beach house in Cyprus. There is no shipping or
marketing department, no human resources, no accounting
Just smart, quick-thinking, action oriented beach "bums"
intesely focused on the developing the few key idas that represent
the crux for the company's potential.

If we were to put a number next to
the classic "EST" cliche, we would probably write 2016;
but that would probably be a lie, an understatement if you like.
See, this passion for everything
beach has been brewing inside us ever since
we learned how to walk.

Ever since our fathers picked us up out of the car and lowered us
onto the warm Mediterranean sand we never looked back.
Wearing shoes has been a discomfort ever since akin to seeing
a teacher in public; it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
We are hooked with the sea, the grainy sand between our toes,
the sea salt in our hair. We spend hours on end at the beach;
thats where we learned how to play the game. 

And now, years later, we want to redefine the game,
to inspire other beach lovers to play more.
And we are doing it; everyday. Bit by bit we are creating
what is becoming a synonym with the beach racket sport
and a stimulus for an active and happier lifestyle.
Last year we teamed up with the workshop that brought
the game to Greece, some six decades ago.
We work out of the same workshop in a working class
coastal suburb of Athens. The same zest and meraki* that
characterized their grandfather's woodwork, as far as back in 1958,
defines every racket that comes out of our workshop.

Our love for what we do emenates from every pore, splinter,
growth ring and knot of wood we put together to create
what is arguably the finest beach racket.
Nowadays, we work as Ace to redefine the game and the racket
and put forward an accessories and apparel line that
best suits a sports lifestyle under the Mediterranean Sun!