We draw inspiration from everywhere. The beach, the openness of the seas, proto-board culture, Cyprus, Malibu, Venice Beach, Miami’s Art Deco architecture, our childhood, waves, palm trees, The Beach Boys, 1970’s skate culture, road-trips, Portuguese tiles in Copacabana, tennis courts and retro surfboards are but a few of the things found on our inspiration board. Our apparel is equally comfortable and unique; wear it as laid back beachwear, to sweat it out at the gym, layer up with our hoodies for a cosy winter look, or as sporty activewear whether you’re kite-surfing, skating or playing with your paddles on the beach. And, although our stuff won't protect you from that six-meter wipeout, you'll still look cool afterwards, albeit with some bumps and bruises.

Hoodies, ZipUps, Sweatshirts