Our Story

If we were to put a number next to the classic "EST" cliché, we would probably write 2016, but that would be an understatement.

See, this passion for everything beach, sea, surf, island, has been brewing inside us ever since we learned how to walk. So, we turned our passion into our daily toil. 

We wanted to build the best wooden beach paddle around and in doing that,  share our love of the island lifestyle with the rest of the world. We would work out of a small beach house in Cyprus. There was no shipping or marketing department; just smart, quick-thinking, “beach bums", intensely focused on developing a few key ideas that represented the crux of the company's potential. 

We wanted to create “cool stuff”, built with honesty and soul. Almost four years later we are still at it, stronger than ever. We have been and will always continue to be relentless in our efforts to provide the best quality and aesthetics for everything that comes out of our studio. We give equal attention to the smallest label on the tag of our sports jersey as we do to the design of our Supreme beach paddle.

And that will never change. 

One of the driving forces of our brand is the need to constantly evolve and improve. Be that a new beach paddle shape, utilising our community into social activism through our Coastline Clean-Ups, or setting up ACEPLAYGROUNDS in idyllic beach locations.
We want to share that motivation and drive with the rest of the world.

We at ACEPLAYMORE are all about promoting an outdoor lifestyle. One that utilises all the water we are surrounded by. Get out there. Grab a beach paddle, surf, skate, ride, dig your feet into that hot sand, dive into that endless deep blue. Get in touch with your inner self.

Find the six year old you. We did, and it’s intoxicating.
But it’s not just a lifestyle. 
It’s who we are.