Ace Playgrounds

It is the free spirit approach to the game that distinguishes the beach racket game from all other traditional racket sports. It is this free spirit that we want to propagate here at Ace, by connecting, educating and inspiring people to play more.

We want to give an identity to the growing beach racket community, and to do so we have established Ace Playgrounds™, a physical interactive platform, where beach goers and racket players can learn more and develop their game in a fun and vibrant environment.

Ace Playgrounds™ are organized pop-up playgrounds, set in beautiful locations and beaches, where new players are introduced to the game, have fun and experience firsthand our products in play.

As a team we also provide a platform for like-minded and forward thinking organizations, from the startup Davids to the corporate Goliaths, where they can forge and strengthen bonds through play, as well as give an active twist to their events.

The free-spirited and collaborative nature of the game makes it an excellent choice for sharpening your reflexes while enjoying a stress-free physical activity. So grab your sun screen, and join us at the beach!

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