As a brand we know that our achievements depend chiefly, if not solely, on a community of like-minded individuals working together. Our community started as a few people who were on board with our vision, and is now slowly rippling its way globally. 

Over the past 2 years we have organised ACEPLAYMORE Beach Clean-Ups, which have been met with resounding success. We are constantly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of supporters and volunteers that get involved, as well as the mountains of trash we have collected. This project has grown rapidly and is very near and dear to our hearts, so in order to expand it further we have launched awareness initiative products with all profits going to environmental charities based on the beautiful island of Cyprus. 

While we stay active within our community at home, we strive to send this ethos out into the rest of the world and pledge to continue and double down on our efforts to bring smiles to the faces of people around the globe. We've worked with local NGO'S to send our ACEPLAYMORE paddle kits and t-shirts to children in need, and hope to expand the reach of this initiative with time. 

We aim to continually improve our environmental impact and maintain a high level of social responsibility, and to keep this mindset at the forefront of our brand as we grow.


We knew that after the success of our 2018 Clean Up we needed to set our goals even higher. And we were just blown away by how much more we managed to achieve. More than double the volunteers, almost twice the ground covered, and a whopping 7.3 tonnes of trash. Now let’s see what we’ll achieve in 2020!


We were just overwhelmed by the positive response and turn-out at our 2018 Clean Up. 100 volunteers showed up in force, with amazing energy and helped us collect an astonishing 4.3 tonnes of trash. We were very humbled by the positive response from all our volunteers who gave us the impetus to keep going and make this a yearly event.