It is the timeless simplicity of the traditional beach racket that has driven us to redefine the game, as well as the racket itself, and celebrate it as a lifestyle sport. We want to make a difference. We want to inspire people to play more; because "life is more fun if you play games.


The importance of a handcrafted product is at the heart of Ace. Here pretty much everything is handcrafted. Because, that's how we like it. Our love for what we do emanates from every pore, splinter, growth ring and knot of wood we put together. Everything we do has a story behind it. And we intend to keep it like that.


Air Pocket's innovative deisgn makes it the best anti-vibration system found within a wooden racket. This system allows vibration ripples to spread evenly throughout the body of the racket upon ball impact, increasing stability and maximizing its playabililty performance. Minimizing the shock impact allows the racket to mimic the movement of the arm and the agility of its natural function, optimizing your game and increasing precision levels.


It is the perception of beautiful that drives us, "without which life would be extremely dull"; and here at Ace, we work hard to make things beautiful. Form and design are at the core of Ace. We are anti-dull and will forever be!

360 // 390

They might look the same but after just five minutes of intense play trust us when say,they won't feel the same.Ace's 360 and 390 models correspond to their weight.The idea here is that a lighter racket is better suited for an attacking style of play and seasoned players while a heavier racket (even a measly 30grs make a difference) for a defensive style of play and beginners.

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