Fresco Bororo Beach Paddles

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Inspired by the frescobol paddles of Brazil, but forged in our workshop in Athens, Greece the Fresco is designed explicitly for beginners. Void of any high-performance elements, but big in design and durability the Fresco was envisioned as an entry level paddle for recreational players. It has a universal weight of 340grams and is made from layers of pressed marine plywood and a custom made Frescobol shape, ergonomic handle for better control and ease of play, and unique design. The Fresco paddles come as a set in our reusable ACEPLAYMORE tote bag with two beach paddles, an orange ball, and our two year warranty.  

  • Two beach paddles handcrafted in Greece
  • Professional over grip
  • Silkscreen design
  • One ACEPLAYMORE orange ball
  • Complimentary ACEPLAYMORE cotton tote bag (mustard, fuschia or aqua, colour chosen randomly by our warehouse manager)
  • Designed in Cyprus
  • Comes with a two year warranty

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