Rookie Aqua Beach Paddles

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The Rookie caters to the recreational and beginner beach paddle player who wants to explore the game whilst enjoying the benefits of the same quality of design, craftsmanship and durability. The Rookie is made by layered pressed marine plywood, and its slightly larger surface area means that it’s perfect for play with a tennis ball, without requiring extra effort on your part. The Rookie beach paddles come in four distinct color schemes and aim to provide a unique first encounter experience; light but sturdy, simple but thought-through, humble but vibrant in color and design. Our tote bag and orange tennis ball complete the set (along with a two year warranty).

  • Two beach paddles handcrafted in Greece
  • Professional over grip
  • Silkscreen design
  • One ITF approved orange tennis ball
  • Complimentary ACEPLAYMORE cotton tote bag (mustard, fuschia or aqua, colour chosen randomly by our warehouse manager)
  • Designed in Cyprus
  • Comes with a two year warranty

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