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648 Kilometers Wiser

We were once generous.

We used to give with ease and pride. We were happy to provide, to share, and to accommodate. Filoxenia. The Greek word for hospitality.  A hospitality, that was a product of the realization that life should not be difficult or complicated; that happiness lies within the realm of modesty and love, and that things should be shared. But we have changed. We have forgotten. These sun-loving, easy-going, life-appreciating people. We have forgotten that we were brought up without shoes; earthed from the get go. We have drifted away from what defined us. The land, the water. 

And it is precisely why we went on a roadtrip; on a bit to rediscover that lost islander identity. We wanted to feel, first hand, what being surrounded by water does to the soul. 648km later, we know.

For five days we zigzagged the Cypriot coastline, under the scorching Mediterranean sun, walked on the same soil our forefathers toiled away, surrounded by that same sea which defined generations and generations of Cypriots, creating a unique culture of sharing and living well. 

There is something extremely rejuvenating and primal when you step into the cold sand after spending a night out into the wild where water meets land. When your body hits the cold water it is a moment of pure catharsis from all the small and irrelevant that tend to preoccupy us. Something inexplicable happens after a while. That “earthing” happens. You start to feel that you are part of a bigger system, larger than your ego.

We watched strangers become friends in a matter of days, decades old habits became irrelevant, superficial wants disappeared. 

We toiled for that great wave, that strong wind, the perfect conditions, and at times we found them. And when we didn’t the journey was all it mattered. 

Ace is promoting an alternative lifestyle; one that utilizes all that water we are surrounded with.. Get out there. Grab a beach racket, surf, skate, ride, dip your feet into the sand, dive into that deep blue, get in touch with your inner self. Find the 6-year-old you. We did. And its intoxicating.

648 kilometers later we are back; and we are wiser.
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