Five reasons why the Ace Playgrounds will make your summer beach days even better.

Five reasons why the Ace Playgrounds will make your summer beach days even better.

Ah, the playgrounds. No other word has ever promised so much fun since childhood. It always brings into mind good and carefree times. Add to the equation the Ace factor and the experience gets a whole new meaning!

When talking about the Ace Playgrounds, the focus shifts onto the beach, the sun and the carefree attitude that comes along. These pop-up, but fully organised activities, are the perfect way for one to experience playing with rackets in the most fun of ways.

We give you five reasons why experiencing the Ace Playgrounds this summer will give a whole new meaning to your beach outings.


  1. The secret is in the word ‘play’. At Ace Playgrounds, we guarantee that you WILL play. You will play like you did when you were a carefree kid. We invite you to play the game of beach rackets and rediscover that feeling most of us forgot while we were busy growing up.
  2. It is absolutely free. You will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of playing with Ace’s premium handcrafted beach rackets at a professionally set up area without having to worry about any cost.
  3. You can save money. If you like what you play with and have fallen in love with it, then you can get the benefit of a promotional discount when you buy your rackets on the spot at the nearby Ace pop-up shop.  And if it’s not the rackets that will tickle your pickle, then you might want to get a premium price on our 2018 beach apparel line featuring tees, hats and Egyptian cotton beach towels!
  4. You get the chance to meet new people. Since summertime is the ultimate time for falling in love and since our game is made for two, then who knows, perhaps your summer fling is that person opposite you smashing it with hers/his backhand!
  5. You get some good exercise. It is indeed a fun activity, yet one that will make you sweat – if you want to. Expect those quads and calfs to burn, but doing so in the most fun and engaging way.

Stay tuned with Ace and we will keep you posted about all the upcoming Ace Playgrounds we are planning around through the summer period.