The Ace Playgrounds

The Ace Playgrounds

Summer’s already here, embrace it, take some time to relax, step away from your everyday hustles and spend some time for yourself. How? A well spend day at the beach is the answer. Add some good buddies, some cool tunes, lots of fun and games, and of course Ace. You got yourself a perfect day.

Come and join us at our playground, leave aside any troubles that worry your mind and leave the rest to us. You will get the chance to experience the Ace culture first hand, play with our handmade rackets and feel like a real islander.

Follow us to some of Cyprus’s best beaches, and play with us like you never did before. Channel all your energy into the game, get passionate and feel what it's like to hold in your hands a handmade Ace racket.

Get out of the ordinary, try something new, beach rackets are meant for everyone. Besides, what’s the best way to enjoy the sun, the sea, the sand? Run, jump, dive, get sweaty, cool off. Repeat.

Choose your style. Are you an experienced or offensive player? You like to hit it hard and rough? Or are you a newbie, with a more defensive style? No worries! Ace got you covered. Try the lighter but mightier Ace 360 or the heavier and easier to control Ace 390.

Do you enjoy what you see and feel? Why not get your own Ace kit and feel the same whenever you like? Visit our pop up store and treat yourself, while taking advantage of our special one-day discounts for playground-ers only! Its also a great time to check out our clothes and beach apparel. No better way to compliment your Ace kit with a fresh tee or a cool snapback.