The Snapback

The Snapback

Summers already here. Time to go out more, head to the beach, enjoy the sun. There’s just one thing that you must have on your adventures, something that can help fight of any troubles.

For this summer, there can only be one winner, the Snapback. Why? These are 5 reasons to make you decide on getting yourself one.


  1.   Snapbacks = Summer

Sure, if you are a big fan of hats you can wear them all year, especially in Cyprus. But again, what’s the best way to feel like you are in summer mood? You guessed it! Nothing shouts out “SUMMER” like a hat does. As soon as you wear it, is like putting on your superhero suit, you feel cooler and confident, ready to face the hot sun of Cyprus.

  1.   Function and Style

Two main reasons to wear a snapback, Function and Style. What’s a better way to protect yourself against the burning Mediterranean sun? Wear it forwards when outside, backwards when inside. Even when playing a thrilling game of beach rackets, your snapback is your best teammate, trust it and it wont disappoint.

  1.   Step up your game, with a short and a T-shirt

Wearing light and simple clothing is crucial in your everyday life. You want to feel as light as possible and be able to cope with your everyday deeds hustle-free. But simple doesn’t have to be plain or boring. Step up your outfit with a cool snapback, wear it with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and you are ready to conquer the world. Besides, less is better. Right?

  1.   Not feeling too formal? Snapback

There’s gonna be a time where you have to dress a bit smart, you can't avoid it for ever. Might be a social event or a family gathering. Nothing to worry about, we got you covered. Wear your chinos or jeans, a simple button-up shirt and your snapback for a smart-casual look and you are good to go!

  1.   Snapbacks & Visors = perfect match

For the next few months these two will be your best friends and companions, wear them like an armor and nothing can get in your way. Walk, run, drive, play, surf, they got your back. Trust us, we know!